1949 Born on July 6th in Zurich as Thomas Riederer, the fourth and youngest child of Robert and Veronika Riederer-Zumbach.
1956 Primary school in Zurich.
1963 Secondary school in Zurich.
1967 Apprenticeship as furrier in Zurich.
1968 Traineeship with various artists: Friedrich „Fritz“ Kuhn, Fred E. Knecht, Beat Kohlbrunner.
1971 Produced pictures under the name of Thomas Riederer.
Various exhibitions in Germany, France and Switzerland.
1980 Married Ursula Bürgi.
1981 March 10th first son Emanuel was born.
1982 November 8th second son Aurelio was born.
1983 Santhori moved to Osterfingen.
1984 September 23rd daughter Angelina was born.
1989 Attempt to emigrate to Italy, but the mediterranean sea was stronger. Bought the motor sailboat „Costa d‘Ouro“. Living on the boat brought a new phase of life. Worked and lived with the whole family on the MS “Costa d‘Ouro“.
1990 The beginning of the era of SANTHORI. Since then, the artist Thomas Riederer is working under the nome de plume Santhori.
1991 Return to Switzerland on August 1th (precisely on time).
The new home and studio is now Zurzach / Switzerland.